miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010

Videos: The most useful way for teaching students

Using this type of resource in the classroom is the best way to further motivate students to learn any kind of subject in an entertaining way.

Teaching children with workbooks and lectures alone can cause them to lose interest in the lessons you are trying to teach. One alternative is to provide your kids with more visual teaching tools, such as educational videos. These videos can make a great supplement to your standard curriculum.

The videos below will help you to use this interesting resource in your daily work. To that end, you must encourage your students to watch the videos, visit the links, and play the proposed games in those links.

We also encourage you to write some comments with your experience and interacting with the kids. These will help us to improve the materials proposed in this blog.

The Professions

This video will help you explain most of the professions that kids will find in their daily life. It is also subtitle in Japanese in case you have some Japanese students!!

After kids watch the video, you can ask them to list proffesions of their family members!

The Seasons

One of the basic topics of vocabulary for children is the seasons of the year.
Kids usually learn these concepts really early in their mother tongue and this is going to be the best moment to teach them the translation into english.

This video works the topic with a song which talks about concepts (showed with pictures and written words) related to each season that the children can easily asociate to. The song also has a rhyme so the kids can remenber the vocabulary easier.

martes, 23 de noviembre de 2010

The Animals

We think that animals is one of the most typical topic when you want to motivate a student, is very useful to attract his attention and it is a fundamental area to learn. It is very important that a student konws the animal's vocabulary.

In the video, one person starts to talk and say some charasteristic about one animal, and then, the person says the name of the animal, but the name is wrong, and a child correct the person saying the correct name

Here you can find a very fun game!

The Family

With this video you can teach to the children the members of the family. This vocabulary will be very useful because the children are surrounded by their family everyday and they could use it a lot. Because of that we think that they will be so intersted in learning it. And also they can learn more vocabulary related with their environment.

In the video the man says the member of the family and what he/she is doing. It also appears written what he says so it will be very good for the children because they will hear it and watch it.

If you want to check if you have learnt it, let's play this game!